Go boys. Be heroes. I’ll be here plugging for you. And that actually goes to Rory Reid and Chris Harris. I know you’re on Kinja. I want you to know that I’m gonna watch this show and hope for the best. And a VLN Christmas Special.

Here’s a good Reddit take:

I heard a comment from Clarkson that he believes that Top Gear needs to succeed as it’s success with push TGT to be better.

I agree. I’m hoping with Chris Evans gone the show will find its own way and not come off as being forced. I think it’s 2nd season will be a lot better.

As much as I liked TGT in retrospect it came off as being forced as well but not nearly as much as TG. I think the 2nd season will be outstanding.


And a slightly more controversial take:

I’m a big fan of the trio. Idoli[z]e them. But considering everything, TGT isn’t really that hard to match or even beat. It didn’t live up to its hype and fall short more than a couple of times. With [a] few tweaks (removing Evans is a good example), TG can pose serious challenges. Good luck guys.

Now I shall get a 2-kilo bag of french fries to cook.