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TopGear MkIV will arrive in Britain March 5th and US March 13th.

Go boys. Be heroes. I’ll be here plugging for you. And that actually goes to Rory Reid and Chris Harris. I know you’re on Kinja. I want you to know that I’m gonna watch this show and hope for the best. And a VLN Christmas Special.

Here’s a good Reddit take:

I heard a comment from Clarkson that he believes that Top Gear needs to succeed as it’s success with push TGT to be better.

I agree. I’m hoping with Chris Evans gone the show will find its own way and not come off as being forced. I think it’s 2nd season will be a lot better.

As much as I liked TGT in retrospect it came off as being forced as well but not nearly as much as TG. I think the 2nd season will be outstanding.

And a slightly more controversial take:

I’m a big fan of the trio. Idoli[z]e them. But considering everything, TGT isn’t really that hard to match or even beat. It didn’t live up to its hype and fall short more than a couple of times. With [a] few tweaks (removing Evans is a good example), TG can pose serious challenges. Good luck guys.


Now I shall get a 2-kilo bag of french fries to cook.

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