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T'Oppo the morning - BS edition

7 days until I pack up my desk and leave this job. My replacement is hired and he isn't going to make it, but as things have progressed this week, the powers that be here can suck it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . My bonus and profit sharing didn't happen for my department as a punitive action for me leaving, though I said I would stay on for 6 weeks to hire and train someone to take my place. They of course didn't say that, but everyone else here got theirs. And this loser they hired against my recommendation is getting a brandy new macbook pro and going to a conference I said was pointless to attend. I have a solid 2 offers on the table and a few interviews to take next week. My department is likely following me out the door after this bullshit. Make your bed, you lie in it. Assholes


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