Leader board:

1. 04sneaky with a 1:15.1 in an Enzo

2. That's Engineering? At 1:17.6 in an Enzo

3. Michael Blegli with a 1:19 in the Enzo

4. JBH in the Carrera GT with a 1:19.6

5. Me in the MP4-12C at 1:19.8 (slightly dirty)

Here's a Forza 4 challenge! Let's see who can get the best time around the Top Gear test track.

Rules: Unmodified, street legal cars only under R3 class.

All assists other than ABS off.

Starts must be from a standstill

No racing line

The time I set as a sort of benchmark is 1:24.5 in a C6 Z06 Let's see whatcha got!


UPDATE: Just put in a 1:19.8 with an MP4-12C