Yesterday I left Seattle with Torchbug in tow headed for Toronto, where'd I'd immediately be heading to Barcelona. I was upgraded from economy to business class on the first flight, but the second was most definitely an economy class flight. Here are some pictures from the first leg of the flight and YYZ.

I'll take her out tomorrow for some photo ops. Today was a huge day though, and I don't want to take out my camera every day.

At Toronto Pearson's sound-bending awesome sculpture thing.


Uh-oh, I accidentally clicked on a hi-res version of a photo. Gulp. Barcelona's internet connections (at least la Ramblas') might not be able to cope.

Another shot from first class. We were fed! Meals! With hot towels! FOR FREE. On a flight from Seattle to Toronto!


Someone wanted some attention during one of my intermissions from rewatching Father Ted. The LaFerrari's doors are so weird.

Ethanseal looks poised to carry the torch(bug) on to Germany and hell and back. So be ready for that. It should be cool. Tomorrow is Barcelona day 3 (I arrived here at 10:00 AM and stayed up until 10:00 PM, meaning I was awake for 31 hours in total because I couldn't sleep on the flight due to lingering food poisoning and a rather large woman to my left), and then it's on to Vic for a town festival, then Girona for bicycle foibles, and then back to Barcelona for a few more days (going to see vintage cars get blessed by a priest and then the circuit itself) and then up to la France where I'll go to a couple of cool car museums, rent the weirdest and Frenchest thing Europcar Colmar Industrial Zone has (although my dad likes the looks of the Skoda Yeti) and then drive it. Other than that, not much else car-related is happening, but I might post some cool Torchbug in cool European setting photos. Have nice days/nights, everyone!