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Anybody need a cheap stick shift car in white in the great white north eh?

After cramming both kids and all our stuff into and onto the Jetta Wagon for a camping trip we decided to bite the bullet and bought a Nissan Pathfinder.


This means that my happy little sneaker shaped go-cart of a Ford Focus is up for sale.


I’m kinda sad about this as this was our first car and I effectively learned to drive on it.

It’s also a hoot to drive; 136hp isn’t a lot but the Mazda Duratec motor is pretty perky when revved and the steering feel is great. With the independent suspension and sticky summer tyres it’s a lot of fun even if the ‘murica spec suspension causes it to lean over on the door handles. It’ll kick the tail out in a snowy parking lot with lift off oversteer too...


I did consider for a brief moment keeping it, putting on coils for autocross in the summer and studding the snow tyres for ice racing in the winter but then i saw the cost of insurance, street parking etc and realized it would never work.

The dealer offered me scrap value for trade-in and it deserves better than that - plus I don’t have money to burn - so it’s for sale everywhere except craigslist as I don’t need the weirdos.


As an mechanical engineer anything that’s not working quite right really bugs me so it’s been well maintained and the oil spraying means its rust free - If a bit greasy. It’s old but the mileage is low cos we don’t commute very far.

So if anybody in T.O. wants an opportunity to learn to drive stick or knows somebody who need economical transportation feel free to send them my way.


Its stupid but I’d like to see it go to a good home

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