Not really.

I was pondering life the other day and my eyes wondered down to the shifter area and I saw the hi/lo gear switch in my truck.

I’ve played with it a little when I first got the car. Don’t really understand the purpose for it, so here we are.

Say I am on level ground in snow and need to get the car/truck out. I put it in low gear (Transmission in L, no LO). Rock it back and forth. Raise and lower suspension if I must squish snow under the car and out I go most of the time. Not using LO gear. Still in HI


Best I can tell is that the LO gear is used for going uphill if your engine is not strong enough to rotate tires to propel up/forward.

But then - what are you driving? Scooter? What engine is not strong enough to propel the vehicle?


Why do we have it? When are we to use it (if not going uphill)?