My pet (Russian) tortoise lives usually in my parents (larger) house, but he spent one week week in mine since my parents were on vacation. He has a plastic (cat carrying) box which is his sleeping place during the night. Of course he usually doesn’t go there himself, but I put him there so I’ll at least know where he is in the morning.

I place newspapers in the box so it will easier to clean. Tortoises cannot be housebroken. You just have to know where and when they will usually make a mess.


During one night I replaced the newspaper from the box, and noticed that the certain newspaper had a very well known picture of a recently elected and controversial president of a certain country. I honestly didn’t notice it all when I shoved the newspaper in.

The tortoise had accurately pooped over the president’s chin.

My tortoise is usually very quiet about his political opinions. I’m even speculating that he doesn’t have any. But now he has pooped over a president’s chin. Maybe he has some opinions?


Should I post the tortoise poop picture or not? And would a tortoise poop picture be NSFW or not?

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