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Total long shot

But does anyone here work in the Dulles (Washington D.C) International airport? My parents are supposed to be catching a flight from there to Toronto. It’s just over an hour until the flight takes off, and there’s no one at the check-in desk. So far Air Canada has been utterly useless. Their 1-888 number still shows the flight as scheduled (not cancelled), and they haven’t responded on Twitter. All the information desks in the airport are closed, and there’s no other phone numbers available to get a hold of Air Canada.

EDIT: Looks like supposedly their flight was cancelled, but Air Canada were utter turds and didn’t update their website.  Had to find out it was cancelled from some 3rd party sites.  Absolutely pathetic that they can’t be bothered to update their own website.  Makes me wonder how many other people are stranded because of their stupidity. 


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