Woke up with a bad back, spent more time and money this morning than I would’ve liked on parts, but I was determined nonetheless. Prepping for a roadtrip back to my old stomping grounds.

Drained the oil, swapped the filters (air and oil - btw, when did AutoZone stop carrying Fram?), so far so good.


Now, on to spark plugs. Things got tricky. Passenger side plugs are easy peasy - I decide to wait and do them all at once. Because removing the driver side plugs on a 3.6 Pentastar in a Grand Cherokee requires the removal of the intake plenum on top of the engine. There are 7 bolts on top, only one of which is tricky to get to.

Then there are two nuts on the driver side, which each hold a bracket in place over the studs embedded in the intake plenum. A huge tangle of wire looms and vacuum lines are in the way. Remove deez nuts, and you’re rewarded with... nothing. Brackets are still in place, held in by two MORE nuts, halfway down the engine block, further into the tangle of looms and hardlines. Accessible only by open-end wrench, 13 mm. Hardly long enough to get a good pull on,and then maybe an 1/8 turn, tops. Loosen these somehow, and you can move the brackets off the studs, Lift the driver side of the plenum and...


THEN there are two nuts on the passenger side hidden behind the throttle body, backed up against the firewall, only one of which is visible, and blocks access to the other one. Mother fucker. I tried, man, and I’m certain with a swivel attachment I could’ve got it, but it was just not possible with what tools I have. Went inside, drank my last beer, and decided to move on.

Buttoned the intake tract back up (I hope), remembered I still need to fill the oil. Can’t find my funnel. Fuck it, we’ll do it live! Empty a one-quart jug into the engine successfully, move onto the 5-quart jug (the Pentastar takes 6 quarts), pour probably 95% without issue, then proceed to spill the rest all over the engine. Because why the fuck not?


Clean up my mess, except for what got the driveway, close it all back up, now onto brakes. I remove one wheel, realize that the caliper pins require an Allen wrench to be removed. For fucks sake. I find one, my biggest, and it will be just small enough to round out the caliper pins, so I just put the wheel back on and say fuck it, it’s dinnertime, I’m so done.

Now my dog wants to play and I just can’t even. Ugh.

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