I’ve written about my emotionally unbalanced MiL previously.

Things have escalated.

She has decided to cut off my wife, and therefore our entire family, because my wife doesn’t call her every day, and also because she refuses to become a Tea Party member, which she assumes is a personal slight.

Fine. Whatever. She cuts off my wife at least twice a year.

Except this time, she’s cut off my daughter. Her granddaughter. Her fourth birthday is today. We had grandparents drive 800 miles to be here this past weekend for her party. Everyone sent gifts and cards.


Except for my wife’s mother.

Nothing. No call. No card. No gift. Not even a Facebook like of the party photos. And yes, she was invited. Personally.


I dunno. This morning I was so livid that I decided I’d write her a letter. An old-fashioned, written by hand, sent through the postal service letter. I don’t care if she writes us out of her will. Ignores us for the rest of her days. But to cut off her four-year old granddaughter is fucking unconscionable. What sort of human being does that?

Should I? How would you handle it? I’m normally a let it go kind of guy, but this is simply too much and too far. I’ll give her a week.



Here’s a wallpaper-sized picture of a Porsche 917K to compensate your time.