Despite a suspension overhaul being last on the list of Things for the Chevelle (trans, engine, bodywork, and overall drivability slot in above it) I have a bad case of Why-Replace-When-You-Can-Upgrade and have ended up with full tubular rear control arms with bushings to replace the 46-year-old originals.

Much better than stampings with 46-year-old rubber bushings.

I did the front end (bushings, balljoints, tie rod, idler arm, drag link, sway bar bushings, shocks etc) several years ago (shortly before putting the car away for those years) with stock parts, so this is the only handing upgrade present. I have new rear shocks too, but they’re just OEM until the aforementioned major-overhaul (which is several years out).

I just hope they don’t ride too harsh. I’m used to floating along on my cloud.