Last night, my wife struck and killed a small dog that was running in the street, most likely spooked by all the fireworks in the area. She stopped and collected the dog in hopes that we might be able to contact the owner. It had a collar but no tag. This morning, since we hadn’t been able to track them down through our neighborhood news group, I took the dog to the local shelter so they could check for a chip, which it didn’t have, and I left the dog there. Tonight, we found out the owner’s name and number and made the call. They weren’t home, so rather than leave the bad news on the voicemail we left our number.

My wife is really devastated. But the accident was totally unavoidable. The streetlights in the neighborhood had been turned off for the official fireworks, and she never saw the dog until it was right in front of the car. The dog was also running towards her in the middle of the street. There was simply no time to stop. I’m not looking forward to the return call, but it’s the only thing to do. These folks deserve to know what happened, but I’m sad that they probably won’t be able to bury their dog if that was their wish. But we certainly weren’t going to leave it in the road, and I couldn’t keep it indefinitely.

Folks, get your dogs a tag and/or a chip.