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Tough question time folks

When you do you know when to move on from a vehicle?

Alright background: I have be looking for a tow vehicle for track day (more like dirt day) and maybe down the road to tow a camper. Reason being is I have been racing my Accord for a year now and its about time to stop driving it to the events and trailer it. Mainly because there is always a chance something goes wrong and Im not going to be able to fix it in a field.

So right now I am looking to replace my 96 k1500 with a GMT 400 or 800 Suburban 4x4. Now the k1500 brand new would tow it but due to 20 years of Ohio salt the frame isnt safe enough to pull it. And of course I had plans to fix it and it has sentimental value but its going to cost a small fortune (which i don’t have) to repair the truck the way I want to.


I have been told numerous times to get rid of it but how do you say goodbye to a old friend?

A S2k Spoon hardtop for your time

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