So I dunno if I can find a video of just this one thing, but there was a guy on some game show one time who answered “What type of vehicles are used during the Tour de France?” with “SUVs.” So, would anyone be up for, say, 10 laps of Le Mans in SUVs? Not necessarily today, but just, you know, whenever? I’m gonna say that there’s no PI limit and all SUVs are allowed. This includes the PT Cruiser and Typhoon. (What is the PT Cruiser, anyway? The game calls it a wagon, but it seems more like a minivan to me. But also it isn’t. Could it be the first mainstream crossover?) Anything else that’s only kind of sort of an SUV is okay, too, but no pickups or wagons. When in doubt, just choose something else. Also, unless you really really want to, I’d recommend not using the Cayenne. Cheap/frugal people like myself probably don’t have the Porsche pack, and since that one doesn’t have a free car, there’s no way for us to see your car. And since it’s much bigger than the null Bora, it will be hard for us to avoid hitting you in close quarters. (there’s a few feet of invisible mass surrounding the null car on our screens) So, yeah, if you’re interested in this idea, go ahead and tune up an SUV of your choosing, give it a fun livery, and post a reply letting me know that you’re down. We’ll probably do this next Sunday or whatever, or later if there isn’t much interest before then.