Europpos take note if you’re ever driving in North America.

Cool Saab(s) I saw down in Waterton for your time.

I live in a tourist town. Naturally I’m exposed to lots of people under qualified to be driving their massive RV’s, people dawdling around lost and making terrible last minute dives without looking first, etc. And then there’s the people that will straight up peg the brakes and come to a complete stop (and sometimes reverse!) in the driving lanes of a 90km/h highway, ignoring blind corners, crests, and other traffic on the road, just to take a picture of something.

We have a lot of four-way stops as well. It’s to be expected that there are people who don’t know how they work, although generally you can tell and avoid too much chaos. But we also have a huge amount of international tourists as well, and apparently four-way stops don’t work the same way everywhere. One of my coworkers is Bulgarian, and recently told me that in Europe they aren’t “first-come first-serve unless two cars arrive at the same time (then yield to the right)”, it’s just “always yield to the right.” Four-way stops are made much worse when there’s a subset of drivers who think they’re using them correctly when they most definitely aren’t.

One other thing I’ve noticed is a refusal by some drivers to turn right on a red light. Although less dangerous than poking an RV into an intersection out of turn, this is hugely aggravating to me. But I do realize there are some jurisdictions even in North America where it’s unacceptable to turn on a red. (Looking at you Quebec).


Any other big or small difference in traffic conventions between jurisdictions that would be useful for travellers to know?

Last time I was driving in California I learned it’s acceptable to merge onto an interstate, cut accross two lanes of traffic, and then drive 5 mph under the limit in the left lane, and then brake check the very displeased guy who changed lanes specifically because he saw you merging at way too slow a speed and didn’t want to run into you but is now stuck behind you anyhow because traffic caught up on the right because you’re going 5mph under the limit. I refuse to replicate this behaviour.


Some official Lada propaganda for your time.