I understand *most* of what the "tuner" crowd does, and (theoretically) why. Fart-can exhaust? Well, sure, less restriction = moar powaaaaaah, and that's good, then things got less focused on power and more on sound and looks. And a lower COG and stiffer springs *can* equate to better handling, so I understand the lowering thing.

Most "tuner mods" that I've seen have some sort of roots in performance. But tow hooks? WTF? Is there something I'm missing? I'm seeing more and more of these beautifully-machined, billet-aluminum tow hooks on tuner cars. Short of "I overcooked a turn and drove straight off a cliff, now someone needs to drag the remains of my vehicle back to the road", I don't understand the point. Most consumer cars come with serviceable tow points. What's the point? Am I missing something? Why would anyone want this? Why is this a thing? I'm confused.