Toyota backed warranty for a new Tundra - 7 years for $980 - worth it?

EDIT - it is for platinum protection, no deductible. It covers almost everything that can break

It finally arrived! Dealership took their sweet time to get the Line-X bedliner installed, so we just picked it up yesterday.


We arrived home around 9 pm, so it was too late to take good photos - I’ll upload some when I have a chance to take some good ones. Bushwacker fender flares are arriving thursday, so maybe after that.

Anyway, during the final paperwork, we were offered 7 years of Toyota-backed warranty (not third party) for $2500, but that came down to $980 when we said no. We have 2 more days to add it if we want to - is it worth it for $980? My dad will drive less than 10k per year, and I don’t expect over 70k miles in first 7 years, but we might end up with a property out of town which would push us into probably 100k in first 7 years.

Our old 2000 Tundra SR5 access cab gave us years of trouble free ownership, and that’s why we went with a Tundra again. I don’t want to waste $980, but I also do know how expensive sensors and electronics can be on newer vehicles.


Oppo thoughts?

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