Toyota Beat Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren to the Modern Hypercar Format

With loads of carbon fiber, scissor doors, a hybrid drivetrain, and its mid-engine layout the 2004 Toyota Alessandro Volta Concept was years ahead of its time. It's like Toyota drew a map to hypercar perfection, and let everyone else run with it.


Some of today's baddest cars, the Porsche 918, The MacLaren P1, The La Ferrari all share this clever format, yet Toyota did nothing with its own idea.

I was very busy in 2004 and must have missed this car. That, or no one could comprehend why someone would want a Prius supercar and it just didn't earn much notoriety at the time. This concept may have completely slipped by if not for Google's Alessandro Volta doodle this morning.


Regardless, I'm impressed that this refrigerator manufacturer was looking so far ahead in 2004. Even if they were too chicken to do anything with their vision.

How do you feel about batteries in a supercar?

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