Toyota Dealership Failed To Oil My Filter

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Had to vent to someone who knew what I was talking about.

I went to Miracle Toyota in Florida today to get my 30K mile service for my Tundra. Not only did they “absolutely recommend” $400 worth of shit I didn’t need. They essentially handed me back a car with no air filter.


On check in I told the service writer that it was a TRD filter and required a cleaning+oil kit, and that if they didn’t have one, I had an extra pre-oiled filter (the parts company goofed and sent two with the CIA kit for some reason).

So what does the dumbfuck tech go and do, thinking he was being helpful? Just cleaned the filter while he was cleaning my induction, and wasn’t even aware that reusable filters sometimes need oil to work. I only noticed this because of an incredibly subtle change in the engine noise. It didn’t make the slight whistle noise this CIA makes. It was only out of what I thought was an over-abundance of caution that I went back in, waited 15 minutes to talk to someone, and asked about what they had done.


The “cleaned” filter was also still filthy.

To their credit, they were apologetic and grateful that I didn’t grenade my engine. However, the fact that the service manager’s excuse was “we’ve just never seen one of those” is troubling to me. I like TRD parts because they’re normally pretty decent and because they are Toyota parts that work with Toyota warranties.


I also assumed Toyota techs would be able to service them. I now know this to be hilariously wrong, at least at Miracle Toyota.

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