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Toyota Ditches Current Lineup, Goes RWD Only

Toyota, long lambasted by enthusiast press for making boring economy cars, has just announced plans to cancel the Yaris, Matrix, Corolla, Camry, Prius and Avalon and replace them with a lineup of rear wheel drive sedans and coupes. The worlds largest automaker announced the plans to completely revamp their lineup after CEO Akio Toyoda drove a GT86 at Fuji Speedway Tuesday. "The car was fun" he said. "It handles better than the others. I want all cars to be like this."

The Corolla is planned to be replaced by a small car based on the GT86 platform, while the replacements for the Camry and Avalon will use a modified, short wheelbase version of the Lexus GS platform. Further, Toyota announced the Prius line will be replaced with a compact, rear wheel drive diesel station wagon. All cars are planned to offer manual transmissions as standard across all trim levels.


In an effort to make the cars appeal to young people, a wide array of TRD parts will be available from the factory on all models to increase customization. No word yet on exactly how extensive this factory parts catalog will be, but parts are said to range from shocks and springs to turbochargers and ECU reflashes. All TRD parts will reportedly be covered under warranty.

Reports from deep within Toyota also suggest a high end sports coupe project is in the works, reportedly dubbed "2000 GT". We currently have nothing more to report on that project, although our source says it will be "fucking beautiful".

We'll let you know when we have more information.

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