Pay attention kids:

- 1997, Toyota Harrier is launched in Japan


- 1998, the same car is sold outside Japan as Lexus RX

- 2003, the second generation of the RX/Harrier is launched. Still sold as Harrier in Japan, but badged as Lexus RX for the rest of the world

- 2008, third generation Lexus RX is launched both worldwide and in Japan. Japan has Lexus now so the new car is sold domestically as the Lexus RX for the first time. But the Harrier continues on unchanged- it’s still a second generation RX.


- 2013, a third gen Harrier is launched in Japan. It bears a visible link to the RX but is based on the RAV4. At this point the RX and Harrier have split completely into two separate model lines, both are for sale in the Japanese market.


Weird right? I’m tooling around Japan and I keep seeing these things that look like RXs but have this crazy cool Harrier logo in the grill. Took me a bit to figure out what I was seeing. I actually like them too - that third gen RX is hideous, this is odd but better.

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