I thought I’d show you this Japanese Toyota Hilux Surf/4Runner brochure since it’s 4th of July. (Also because I found a couple of pretty great examples of the car for sale on Goo-Net yesterday.)

That seat upholstery is great!

And now onto the Goo-Net listings. Both cars are quite similar. They are in mint condition with little wear and are priced at around $12k, both feature the same interior as the car in the brochure and have a nice set of vinyl stripes on exterior for extra dose of 80’s coolness.

First up we have this orange ‘85 model with 2.4l turbo diesel that has done only 125 000km according to the listing. Price tag: $12 055.


Next we have a red example of the same model year with 2.0l gasoline engine that has even smaller mileage of 84 000km according to the listing. This one also seems to be slightly modified where as the orange one is very close to if not completely stock. Price tag: $11 973.

I think I’d go with the orange one myself, although I can’t see myself spending +12k on a 80’s Toyota Hilux.