Hey everyone, you will probably see this a few times(or more) in the next month or so and if it doesn’t apply to you I’m sorry, you just wish you could get yourself a cool FJ. I’m working on a Toyota Land Cruiser and cool Toyota in general meet up in Nashville. We are trying to get a feel for how big this event will be and how big we want to make it. The date is April 2nd and we considering not only a meet up but a lunch, and if you feel so inclined a trial ride after. I have made a google form questionnaire to fill out if you can make it -


Have a great day you all! And our FJ40 in California with a Vols flag(aka my profile picture) for your time.


UPDATE: We have 9 people signed up so far. Multiple 40s, multiple 60s, multiple, 80s and 100. Let’s get some more!