For the 2012 model year only, Toyota changed the stock radio in the RAV4 to a basic unit that allowed for Bluetooth calling & audio streaming. According to Toyota’s website, RAV4’s before June 2012 are equipped like the photo above, which is completely false. Even RAV4’s with the first steering wheel (like my May 2012 RAV4) have Bluetooth audio and calling.


To further prove this gaffe, Toyota had the 2006-2011 radio in the manual for the 2012. Notice how there’s no phone button; the manual’s steering wheel instructions are good for this radio, but the 2012 RAV4 before June 2012 doesn’t have that radio.

This is the stock radio in every 2012 RAV4 without Entune. As the AC controls show, this is a base model. Notice the phone button, too. This unit allows for Bluetooth audio streaming and calling. The build date for this one?


January 2012, one of the first builds for the 2012 RAV4. Toyota distributed owner’s manuals like the one online to RAV4 models built before June 2012. Because of what the manual said, I was led to believe for the first few years that my mom’s (now my) RAV4 didn’t have Bluetooth at all. I thought the salesman didn’t know what he was talking about when he wanted to set up Bluetooth in the RAV4. Once I started driving the RAV4 was when I realized Bluetooth was there the whole time. It’s just crazy that an error this glaring was in the manual for a car so popular, especially with a feature as important as Bluetooth. 

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