Hey guys! Some of you may have seen this photoshoot a couple of weeks ago. I had originally planned for it to go online at R&T, but due to problem with Travis’ spam filter and no update on his side, I ended up putting it on Oppo for you guys to see! :)

Well, Travis eventually noticed his email problem, got back to me and it’s now online on R&T! I hope you guys will forgive me for editing the post here and putting the R&T link instead, but it’s the first article I actually SELL, not paying anything out of my own pocket to do it, and even making a few bucks! How cool is that huh? :)

Right now, it’s a bit of an editing mess and I hope it will get fixed. I can’t upload or edit articles there myself, unfortunately. (One cool thing about Kinja!)


I hope there will be more stuff from me there over time. Any money I make thanks to R&T will go toward new camera gear hehe!