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Toyota new sub-GT86 - more speculative info

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Two japanese car magazines (Best Car and Holiday Auto) have recently published concurring articles about Toyota's "upcoming" sub-86 coupe, which will be the cheaper of the three RWD cars the company aims to produce (the GT-86 being the middle child and the Supra the top-end version).


According to the reports, it will be RWD and will have a breadvan profile, with four seats and a hatch, and an overall length around 155-160 inches.

Toyota is said to be aiming for about 130hp from a 1.5 liter petrol engine, combined with a weight of less than 2 200lbs. Projected fuel economy would be around 70mpg on the very optimistic japanese cycle.


It is expected to go on sale in 2017, with a projected price under 15 000$. Oppo-gasm anyone?

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