Toyota Prius, a short hot take.

IT IS A COMMON SAYING that we are what we eat, but really aren’t we reflected on everything we own? Lets talk about the owner of this particular one, Maria.

*:fake name.

I’ve known Maria my entire life, and I am convinced this car reflects her rather well : In the land of vast highways, she walks, in the shadow of the Cabrito, she is vegetarian. in company of pickups and large, gas-guzzling sedans she drives a Prius. She belongs to a counter culture that hasn’t really developed here, one just new to Mexico City even, one that cannot be accepted in Monterrey, let alone San Pedro. An aching for change, to accept other things, and to dare be different.


In many ways, the Prius is the perfect stallion to represent her, its a car that is unapologetic about its purpose: to be efficient. Its a car that even when pushed down Gomez Morin did not even dare to break the fancy number, the 5.7l/100km average consumption, despite being challenged by a taxi driver trying to overtake in the slow lane. Its not a fast car, its suspension is quite plushy even and the tires can spin easily in this low grade material they dared call asphalt (seriously the streets here feel like driving on snow), not because of power, but because of the hard material they use to evade rolling resistance.

Its a daily car and she likes it, but she doesn’t love it, it is covered in pristine dust since she can’t bother washing it often, and the cabin is filled with her dog’s treats. She proudly wears the “EXENTO” tags on her car, and doesn’t care if you don’t like the radio station because she likes it just dandy.


Much like her I feel like this car knows that one’s purpose cannot only be oneself: One has to be dynamic and has to take care of other things; It’s what I like about this car I felt that it wasn’t obsessed with itself and came to the task of driving with a pragmatic manner that I respected. In a way it was a detoxication from driving my jeep, what with its many quirks and reminders that yes: you’re driving a Jeep.

I liked it, but I had a question about the whole arrangement:

If Maria aches to be different, well, why doesn’t she leave?

If Prius aches to be efficient, why isn’t it only electric?

Think about it, she would be happy in Mexico City, in fact, her car was registered there, she was meant to study college in Mexico City with the counter culture, with the developing idea of environmentalism and liberalism that one cannot realistically associate with a city like Monterrey. But then I remember why the Prius didn’t change into full electric and I realized that not everything needs to be absolutely changed, Monterrey might be conservative but people here are very nice and accepting, and it feels like home to her...


She likes Monterrey and for that I can’t fault her.

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