My girlfriend had to take her car to get repaired after a deer decided she did not need a driver’s side mirror anymore. The shop is holding the car overnight so she was provided with a rental car. A Prius, to be exact. She was not happy about it.

As she pulled into the driveway, I tried to hold back the smirk that was inching across my face. As soon as the car comes to a stop, she rushes out of it like she is shedding off a set of sweaty, uncomfortable clothes.


ME: Well, um, besides the fact that its a Prius, what in particular do you hate about it?

GF: The braking. Oh my God. Its spongy one second, then it grabs super hard. There is no in-between. And it handles like a Grandma’s car.


ME: Okay, how does it accelerate?

GF: Bad. Like, it is sooo slow.

ME: What about from a stop? Doesn't the electric motor have some grunt when taking off from a complete stop?


GF: What? No. Its just slow. Everything about it is slow.

ME: So, um, I guess the most important question is did anyone downshift next to you?

GF: ... no they did not. Fuck you.

So there you go. The Toyota Prius is not angry girlfriend approved.