This was visiting one of my neighbors today. Truck looks good and the wheels caught my eye, but I also was curious about the “Titan” sticker on the back of each side of the bed. Any historical facts from the Oppo braintrust?

From what I found with a quick Google search, others have had this question, without a concrete answer: Is it a dealer-installed package or a factory option or something individuals added?


It appears to be on a number of examples, so doesn’t appear to be something individuals did. Doesn’t show up in lists of factory options, so it appears to be a dealer-installed appearance package.

I almost bought a used T-100 when I ended up with my Ranger, passing on it because I wanted door access to the extended cab. I don’t know why I care about this one (maybe because last month I was kicking around getting a used truck to have around and these crossed my mind again), but I thought I’d turn to Oppo to see if there could be expert confirmation.

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