Just found a shot of Toyota testing at Jerez (Update, it doesn't look like this is Jerez, can someone confirm? Update 2, I've confirmed that they're at Portimão) for the 2015 Word Endurance Championship. I spy a new wing arrangements with the taillights on the wing endplates but it otherwise looks like the 2014 car. They might be testing new systems and are using the old car as a mule. Will wait for better quality photos to emerge.

Toyota is believed to continue with its, now mature, Hybrid technology and supercapacitor. Last year, the TS040 ran with two electric motor-generators, one on each axle. The motors collect the braking power and push it to a supercapacitor. Its unknown if they have made the jump to the 8 MJ class or if they remain on 6 MJ. There were also rumors of a change to batteries like the 919, but I think Toyota have elected to stay with their supercapacitor.


Also, its nice to see the #1 on a car other than an Audi.

The Prologue at Paul Richard is on March 27 and 28. According to Toyota press releases, the official launch will also be at the "Prologue" to the FIA WEC.

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Update #3: According to sources, there were two different TS040s on track. A 2014 spec chassis and a 2015 spec chassis.

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