Toyota to launch MX-5 sized S-FR Coupe

Want a smaller, lighter, cheaper GT-86/FR-S?

The core of the S-FR is simple: less than a 1000 kg (2200 lb) and about 130 hp from a 1.5 litre i4. The rest also follows the classic Jalopnik fun recipe: front engine, rear wheel drive and 6 speed manny tranny. Yep, just like everyone’s favourite answer to all questions.


Sure, US citizens will all die horribly when they come within 2 cable lengths of something that underpowered, but I’m sure a heavier and more powerful version will be made to address that particular issue. Besides, it’s made to be tuned, much like the Toyobaru. In spite of the fact that it’s 25 cm shorter (bit less than a foot) than that car, the S-FR is still supposed to have four seats.

I’m thinking they’re riffing on the Toyota 800 – also known as the ‘yota hachi –, which was Toyota’s first sports car in 1966:


The S-FR is meant to become available in 2018, and be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

Given the poor sales of the Toyobaru, it’s brave of them to try again with something so Jalopy. I’d love to think that it’ll be a success, but that challenging styling is up against the all-round loveliness of the current MX-5. Sales wise, my money is on Mazda.


More on Autocar and Autoweek.

(Photo credit: Toyota)

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