Some sort of fringe universe where the Pontiac Aztek continues to this day.

Actually, pretty impressive.

Cooler than many vans out now and in the past.. and hybrid, so eventually the high-capacity motiators of these chassis will find their way into a street racer, but I digress.

That's not quite the market. Escalade, perhaps? Wonder if they'll even try marketing it in the US?


Want to know more?

Oh, marketing. How about 8 minutes of hair-rock, slow-motion sequences and random tech demonstrations?

Sport Van. Shag carpet optional.

Get yer stinking paws off of my steering wheel you damn dirty..

actually, they look quite well groomed.


Still confused?

Maybe this will explain the vehicle better..

Okay, it's a 8-passenger giant modern Pontiac Aztek that has a talking gorilla for a spokesbeing.


But, Will it Store Spare Shoes?

"We have transported a dental office into a container you can drive. It is full of things to distract your passengers from the roving talking gorillas in the streets. You can store your shoes."



Will I need to worry about talking gorilla hair in my used Alphard Vellfire?

They have inspectors for that.

Then it gets weird

Batman has, inexplicably, dealt with talking gorillas. So ask him vut is going on vere.


I know, cultural differences, but wow. That's some surreal.

And then there's the ads.