Toyota's Doing Something Very Good...

All images via TopGear

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing chief Tetsuya Tada told TopGear, “The question I’m most frequently asked is whether you’ll be able to fit the 2JZ engine to it... ...I tell them, absolutely, please go ahead!”

Um, yes please!

I’m sure the stock B58 BMW single-turbo engine will be pretty tunable too. This is looking like it might live up to a lot of the admittedly excess hype.


Tada also explained some additional features on the Supra that will promote aftermarket upgrades:

Tada is planning to release specs of the car early to various tuners so they can prepare their packages for the car. There’s also pre-drilled holes in the front for hanging high downforce front splitters from, and a reinforced boot lid to handle big wings on the back.

Here’s the full story at TopGear.

What do you all think? Is Toyota doing enough for enthusiasts yet? Or do we still need to hold them accountable for never turbo-ing the FR-S/86/BRZ?


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