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Toys'R'Us Haul

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My son recently received a box from his grandparents, and it had a Hot Wheels Semi & Trailer with a car. Of course it had another 5 on the back that he now does not own. He needs them. Desperately. For his birthday in 2 weeks.


Well, we do have Toys’R’Us here in Osaka, and I have seen some of those there in the past. So off we go on an adventure.

When we arrived we found an almost empty store - it’s closing & everything was 70% off. That is a huge difference in price for his obsession.


We found 37 models that he does not have yet, and we’ll be doling them out at his birthday, Christmas, and as travel distractions if we get to visit the family in Bulgaria and Texas later this year.

The 37 Hot Wheels cost us ¥2500+ which is a savings of about ¥5500 considering they are usually ¥219.


From the state of the store the only reason there were so many Hot Wheels available is that Tomika is so popular (there were no Tomica cars left in the store.)

Unfortunately, my wife found a store in that same mall and used the savings to purchase some clothes.

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