Keep in mind that this is for way off (1+ year away).

While my Crown Vic is a boatload of fun, Iā€™ve realized that with more and more parts becoming NLA and with metal fatigue starting to settle in, I should be on the hunt for a new everyday car in about a yearā€™s time. I know the TPI C4 isnā€™t objectively the best car out there, but itā€™s always held a special place in my heart, and itā€™s relative focus on comfort (for a sports car at least) would lend it well to daily driving. Now that good ones are down to $6k Canadian, the omnipresence of the SBC and the relatively low mileage of good examples make them quite tempting. So Oppo, who here owns one? Is the 4+3 as big of a dog as some people say? How is it for commuting? Who knows, maybe in a yearā€™s time Iā€™ll be daily driving something with a targa roof.