TPMS and winter rims...

So, I have a co-worker who bought a reasonably new car - one with tire pressure monitoring sensors. He’s interested in getting winter tires mounted on a separate set of winter rims, but because of the TPMS, he won’t be able to swap his own tires out without the TPMS freaking out. It seems like his options are:
a) Pay someone to swap his tires out twice a year, without buying extra rims
b) Buy the extra rims, and pay someone to reset the TPMS
c) Buy the extra rims and deal with the TPMS light being on for the winter
d) Buy the extra rims and somehow reset the TPMS light himself.

Is it possible to use something like an ODBII reader to potentially reset the TPMS, or does it take some specific tool?

(I know basically nothing about TPMS, as my cars are too old. :P)


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