TPMS interference?

Took my car on a two hour trip this weekend to see my best friend.

2008 Mazda3 S Touring, almost 76,000 miles.

Has anyone heard of radio frequency interference messing with TPMS?

I was driving back from Louisville, Kentucky this morning and as I was going over the bridge over the Ohio River by Owensboro (where I live) my TPMS light came on and blinked for a minute (no beep) and then stayed on (which indicates a TPMS malfunction or communication error according to the owner’s manual). After I was past the bridge, it was off and hasn’t come back on. There were several barges below me on the river. Did I run into radio interference? All tires have the correct pressure, and the light hasn’t come back on since I left that bridge. Strange.


Tge Mazda TPMS operates on a radio frequency and has a car-body mounted antenna.

On a side note, my car continues to beat its EPA highway fuel mileage ratings even as it approaches eight-years-old and 76,000 miles.

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