UPDATE: Had a roofing nail in my tire. We had a new roof put on our house about a year ago. I'm surprised it took this long for me to run over a nail.

Leaving for work half groggy and in an overall funk because it's Monday. Get one block down the street, and "BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP." TPMS is saying "Hello." Right rear tire was at 24 and all the rest were at the correct cold PSI of 32. That's the second time in three weeks I've had to add air to that tire. Going to have it checked on lunch since my tires have the road hazard warranty.

Most car guys I know are annoyed by TPMS and the mere fact that it exists but I for one am thankful for it. This tire didn't look low at all and I'd have driven on to work oblivious to its low pressure if I didn't have the car beeping at me.