Bit of a story, any techs please chime in. Freshly cleaned wheel for your time

I have two sets of wheels. One set just had tires mounted, and a day after mounting I got a “TPMS Sensor Fault” message in the center console. I ignored it because I was going to take the wheels off soon anyways.

Fast forward 5 days and I take the wheels off. Roll the front left problem wheel and hear something tumble around in the tire. Turns out the TPMS sensor had broken off in the whee. Fantastic.

Anyways, I put on my other set of wheels and drove around for 3 days. TPMS Sensor Fault doesn’t go away. The display shows readings for all the other wheels, nothing for the front left.

So tonight I tried to reprogram TPMS. Did the whole start button thing and got the “Learn Front Left” message. Used the tool that came with the wheels, nothing happened. Tried that 3 or 4 times. Aired the tire up to a few PSI over the suggested pressure, tried again to no success. Tried again by letting air out, no success.


Is there anything else I can do? I’ll go to the dealership I guess, but I figured if there was some way to clear it tonight I might as well try.