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TR7 Project Update

Been awhile since I’ve updated OPPO on my TR7 V8 project, it was delayed for a little bit due to me breaking my ankle and not being able/allowed to drive so not as much of a rush to get it ready, the initial plan being just to do a couple things to get it roadworthy after putting the V8 in as it came with a slant 4 just so I could get it on the road and drive it over the summer months

However as I was no longer able to drive over the summer I decided to crack on with what I had planned to be done during the winter months Dec/Jan, starting with fixing yet more rust/holes


that was the rear bulkhead area behind the seats, once that was fixed attention was turned to the exterior where some additional items were ready to be attached, a front lip spoiler and more importantly ‘forest’ arches to get that meaner look


being a Triumph it has an awkward PCD which barely anything else fits so wheel choice is limited and the star mags no longer fill the arches nicely so had to opt for the route of PCD adaptors to fit Ford wheels which due to my dad having a mk2 escort rally car, we have a few lying around the workshop

I settled on some 4 spoke Revolution wheels (they have since been painted white)


They are 13x7 (possible 7.5) on the front and 13x9.5 on the rear, while they fit the rear nicely, trying to find some decent (not crappy budget tyres) in the right size has been a nightmare and likely going to end up with a smaller rolling radius than stock wheels/tyres


if all goes well it will be in primer this week and fully painted next week

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