I was out shooting in St. Petersburg on Saturday afternoon (when I got the shots for the wrecking ball GIF). As I reached a particular part of the route I was walking, I came across what is pictured above.

It’s part of the inside curb for turn five of the Grand Prix Of St. Petersburg street track. For most of the year, when it’s not a race track, this curb lives in a parking lot. When it is a race track, this is what the corner looks like.

The curb in question is just out of the shot. The McLaren is about to clip it.

I love that when I’m out in downtown that I can come across little reminders of the races. And every once in while, if you know how to get there and there’s no traffic, you can cut through a parking lot that spits you out just before turn two. And again, if there is no traffic, and a particular traffic light is green, you can floor it through what are turns two and three.


I just get excited knowing these things are around that most people probably don’t notice.

So the curb picture... I really liked the lines, colors, and textures but thought the sideways perspective really gave it some depth and made it much more interesting.


If you are interested in seeing the other pictures I took that day, they can be found here: