The sensible thing to do is just buy a pre-prepped track bike, but why do that when you can build and set it up yourself for more time and money!

well shit...
well shit...

Welp, gotta crack em open and clean them out...

This was the cleanest cylinder too.
This was the cleanest cylinder too.

I didn’t grab many more pictures since my hands/gloves were perpetually covered in brake fluid, but the smaller pistons which sit at the very bottom were just full of schmoo. The crazy bit is that I flushed/bled the brakes with all new fluid when I picked this bike a few months ago and they didn’t feel terrible.

I’m going through these pretty thoroughly since I’m going to need these brakes to reliably haul me and the bike down from 140+ lap after lap. Got new braided stainless lines, new pads, new rotors, and rebuilt the calipers and master cylinder.

Illustration for article titled Track Bike prep: Beware of the Schmooo!!!

There’s lots of other bits I want to buy, but I’ve almost finished the essentials.



  • Valve clearance check
  • Oil change
  • change spark plugs
  • clean air filter
  • Front brakes overhaul
  • Safety wiring


  • Replace antifreeze with water & water wetter
  • New tires
  • Suspension adjustment

On the bling list are rearsets and a 520 chain/sprocket conversion, and race fairings, but those aren’t really necessary at this point so I’m spending that money on trackdays.


Keep the shiny side up

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