“modified” edition. NPoCP too, while you’re here

First up, an incredibly clean TT with a matte green rap. How do I know it’s clean? I’ve seen it in person quite a few times. The couple who owns it keep it in perfect shape mechanically. I think the matte wrap works with the goofy 1st gen TT bubble body!

Next up, the McDonald’s special, F&F extra, 300zx TWIN TURBO. someone put a lot of time and money into making this.... Uh. What it is. Worth it? You decide


And finally... A GC8 drift build that uses some incredibly spendy parts, that looks pretty well put together. Aesthetics are solidly in the love it or hate it camp. Somebody tell me what’s the deal with the... Uh... Brake fluid? Is that what I’m seeing on the dash..?