Track Day #2

Did my second track day today at Road Atlanta. This time it was with Porsche Club of America (PCA).

This was an abreviated DE, so we got classroom instruction, a ride along with an instructor and one 30 minute session for $100. I really enjoyed this one. Last time it was quite intimidating. There were fewer cars on track and everyone was more civilized this go. I also did an overall better job of driving.


They marked all of the corners with cones denoting the entrances and exits and apexes of the corners. First we went out in our instructors car where they showed us the line which was really helpful. My instructor had a 944 but it had a GM V8 and a full cage. That V8 transforms the car from a momentum car to a genuinely fast car that can take down 911s.

My 944 really performed well, but was still one of the slower cars on the track. Nothing can really be done about that. I’ve got to learn to carry speed through the corners which is where the lighter car has the advantage. I only got passed two or three times which was a big improvement.

Best part - when it was over, they gave us a gift certificate for $100 off the next track day. Guess I'll have to go again.

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