Track day at Buttonwillow, not dead yet!

I am having a ton of fun running Buttonwillow in the CCW #13 configuration today. It’s hot as hell right now but the first two sessions were pretty livable since it’s still below 100°F, but I bet after lunch for the last two sessions are gonna be rough.


Tires were definitely greasy at the end of the second session so things are getting pretty hot out there. There are a total of 5 sessions today so I’ve got plenty of time left to get heat stroke and die. I’ve been drinking a ton of water and Gatorade so I’ll be alright but man after a track session am I tired! One more session before lunch and hopefully my nice hearty salad I packed will give me some energy for the second portion.

Also, fun fact my first lap (after the out lap) was my third fastest lap of the session by only 3 tenths. Love how I can do that consistently but it’s also a sign of how hot the tires are getting. Street tires suck lol.

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