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Track Day, Bro

I went autocrossing today in my Sportwagen TDI! And I actually got (admittedly shitty) video of it! I used my GhettoPro (LG G3 clipped into a Garmin Nuvi windshield mount) to get it.

This was the morning parade lap

Here are the actual laps in order

The lap times were 68.818, 68.494, 69.679 (rider in the car), 65.115 (my best lap), and a 65.738.


Then came the afternoon laps!

Sadly, my phone then started to not work, so I only got two of the five laps recorded :(


Lap 3

and lap 5 (my fastest of the afternoon)

Times were 66.093, 67.701, 66.593, 65.101, and 64.410 (my fastest)

Overall, I had fun and placed right in the middle of the pack!

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