After two years with the M3, I’m finally getting around to getting it out on a track like nature intended. I’m planning on signing up for the September 26th track day event at Road America.

As this is my first event, I’m wondering about vehicle prep and what to be prepared with. I’ll be doing an oil change sometime before the event and will also be doing a brake fluid flush. All other fluids were done last year so those should be ok.

I haven’t touched the pads or rotors since I bought the car 18k miles ago and have no idea when they were put on the car. That being said, they feel great and the pads appear to have plenty of life left. Should I buy pads specifically for the track day event or continue running on what I have anticipating that I’ll replace them after if necessary?

Also, my yaw rate sensor is out which causes the ABS to go crazy on occasion. If I turn off traction control there’s no problem and that’s the way I’ve been driving it for the past year. This won’t be an issue with the instructor or organizers will it?

And finally, I’m planning on getting track day insurance just to be safe. Is Lockton what most of you have gone through? I’m an SCCA member but it looks like it can’t get me a discount for this one. Any other discounts or trusted companies that may be cheaper than Lockton’s $168 for the single day event?


Any other advice for a first timer?