Track day broooooooo

First track day with the new Miata was a success! All of my weeks of effort has paid off and I have a fully functional track car. Nothing* broke and it performed flawlessly**. I had a great day pushing the boundaries of the car on a track that I was already pretty familiar with and met new people who were great to have conversation with. My alignment felt very good and I was super happy with how the car behaved at the limits. I didn’t quite find grip limits on most of the track just because slicks take longer to figure out (unless you like spinning). But overall I kept getting better every session. I went deeper into braking zones and worked on smoother turns to hold momentum better. It was a pretty uncrowded day so I had plenty of room on track and point bys were plentiful and safe. There were a few cars running in my group that were INSTANT point bys by me since they were fast! But for the most part it was close battles amongst the group so it was well matched.

*The only thing that I broke was my undertray when a civic ran over a cone and launched it into the racing line immediately in front of me. So I ran it over at speed and I’m low enough that the cone ripped the damn thing out. I’ll fix it this week though at some point.


**My low ride height and softish springs meant my tires rubbed holes in my fender liners and the plastic is basically ruined. Will remove those and see if the rubbing is eliminated.


Also this FRS got stuck in the mud at the end of the day. Musta been trying to be a real Subaru.


Overall for $104 it was a great track day. A bit disorganized and there were jackasses doing donuts in the lot at the end. But at least the organizers kicked them out lol. Anyways, it was well worth the cost and safe so I’m happy to do another with them!

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