Track day = Nirvana

Coming to the track day bro? Hoosiers BRO! YOKOHAMA! NITTO! track day bro.

I’ma let His Stigness tell some story and show a cool video. Watch the last heat in the last 20 minutes of video. That’s where all of the fun stuff happens and I get to be in the video a bunch:


The track was Streets of Willow run in the CCW direction. Short straightaways and technical corners made it perfect for a Miata and my autocross experience. I was very confused at first what to do at both turns 1 and 7 due to the high speed nature of it, but I eventually got used to diving in under hard braking from the top of fourth gear going ~90 back down to second. I messed it up a lot of times but thankfully we had so much seat time that I was able to improve vastly.

That “so much seat time” is an understatement to me really. I spent more time driving on track in one event than I do in a whole season of autocross!! And for the amount of course working and money I’ve had to spend for all of those events is frightening compared to how excellent this track day worked out. For ~$160 I got 80 minutes of on track driving plus very helpful beginner lectures in between to slowly bring us up to speed on basic concepts like flags, point by passing, and situational awareness.


This being my first track day ever, I took it pretty easy and did not push it too hard. I practiced giving people point bys more than getting my own passing opportunities. Sure I passed the slow as hell true beginners to any sort of motorsport but I was nowhere near fast enough to keep up with the STis nor really get away from the Mustangs. I learned early on to just let them pass and focus on learning the driving line. My improvement from first session to the fourth was monumental. I’m confident I can do an advanced beginner or low intermediate session next time and get absolutely destroyed and lapped many times. But I’m sure I’d grow even more with all of that talent around me.

Either way though for sure I am excited for the next track day. I am truly hooked on the activity and so glad I have my Miata. While the STi would be great on track too, it’s just nice to have such an excellent beater car that is easy on consumables and is purpose built for entertainment. While I love my Subaru too, the Miata is just so much more exciting to drive at 110% and abuse the shit out of.


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