Track Day Parts Ordered!

Just placed some orders so that I can finish my track build for the Miata. Its all just safety equipment since things like tires, brakes, and other goodies apply the same from autocross. Of course the priority is still to keep my Miata streetable (especially for the 4000 mile trip coming up) so retaining the stock seat belt is important.

Anyways, I just ordered:

Schroth Clubman III 6 Point Racing Harness
Four of the G-Force 1/2 inch Eye Bolts
Four of the G-Force Harness back plates
Zamp RZ-58 Full Faced SA2015 Helmet
Dual Durometer SFI Padding and some extra Single Layer SFI Padding

Thanks to Summit Racing’s decent pricing and the SCCA discount for Saferacer, this all came out pretty affordably and ships for free. I wanted to install everything this weekend but the holiday coming up will probably delay shipping to next week. No issue though since just drilling a couple holes should be easy.

The goal is to make it to the next SCCA Track Night in America at Palmer Motorsports Park in MA on Friday September 8th. If I dont get everything on time, oh well I will try for the next one! Theres one a bit closer at NJMP on Tuesday the 12th but I have work that day so it would be more difficult to make it there.



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